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If your vehicle breaks down in the UK, call our 24-hour rescue line and request assistance. Please quote your registration and have your location ready as well as a contact telephone number.

We will first attempt to repair your vehicle by the roadside, but if this is not possible we will arrange vehicle recovery to the nearest garage able to undertake the repair. In the event, you break down and there isn't a garage available, we will arrange transport for you, your vehicle and any extra passengers to your home address or original destination.

We will assist you at home or within a one-mile radius of your home address. If we are unable to repair your vehicle, we will arrange vehicle recovery to the nearest garage able to undertake the repair.

We aim to have a recovery operator with you in 60 minutes, however, this may vary in mainland Europe, depending on your location.

We will first try and repair your vehicle roadside and if this is not possible, recover you to a local garage for repairs. We may offer you alternative options of assistance in accordance with the breakdown cover policy wording to ensure you are inconvenienced as little as possible.

If the vehicle cannot be repaired within a reasonable amount of time, to be agreed upon between you and our rescue coordinator, we will recover you, your vehicle and any passengers back to the UK.

No, any work carried out, other than roadside assistance, will be a separate contract between you and the repairing garage. You will need to pay for all parts fitted roadside or at the repairing garage.

Depending on your circumstances we may decide to provide alternative accommodation. Within the UK, we will pay a maximum of £150.00 for a lone traveller or £75.00 per person towards the reasonable cost of overnight accommodation including breakfast for you and the passengers whilst the vehicle is being repaired. The maximum emergency overnight accommodation payment per incident is £500.00.

For European policies where breakdowns occur abroad and the vehicle cannot be repaired on the same working day and results in you not being able to stay at your pre-booked accommodation, the limit is increased to £150.00 per person for one night.
The maximum emergency overnight accommodation abroad payment per incident is £1000.00.

This process is on a pay and claim basis and authorisation must be gained from our rescue coordinator.

Our policy only covers the vehicle registered on our database. The registered vehicle is covered for any driver.

Our policy only covers the vehicle registered on our database. Therefore, any change must be notified immediately by contacting our customer services department. Please provide us with your policy number, the new registration, make, model and colour of the vehicle and the date you wish us to make the change. If you do not notify us of the new vehicle details, we may not be able to supply you with a service.

Where a change in vehicle results in your new vehicle being in a different age bracket than your existing one, you may be charged an additional premium, in no circumstance will a refund or credit be provided.

Yes. We will dispatch the most appropriate form of assistance to deal with the situation.

We will provide vehicle recovery for you and your vehicle to the nearest garage able to undertake the repair, or recover you to your home or original destination if this is not possible.

Yes, you are entitled to assistance for lack of fuel or running out of charge. We will recover you, the vehicle and any passengers to the nearest fuelling facility.

In the event that your vehicle is stolen or vandalised, you should contact your insurance company.

You can make payments from your credit/debit card or via direct debit, once we have received your payment your policy will begin.

Simply complete the form online and we will get you a quote as soon as possible.

Please call us on 0333 733 0733 where our customer services representatives will do everything they can to help resolve your problems. If you are still unhappy after speaking to us, please click here for our full complaints procedure in our terms and conditions.

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